Retirement Letter

January 15, 2022

To My Patients:

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter. I have thoroughly enjoyed my practice of medicine in Newberg over the past 36 years, and the trust that you have placed in me to care for you. Many of you know that I have been looking for several years to find a partner that I could slowly turn my practice over to, to ensure that all my patients would be able to find continued excellent medical care locally. Unfortunately, the practice of Medicine has changed in the past 10 years, with severe disincentives to enter private practice, making it impossible for me to find anyone that is willing to take over for me.

With decreasing reimbursement and increasing difficulty in dealing with Insurance companies and Government entities, along with the difficulty in finding call coverage, I have decided to close my practice on April 15th of 2022. We are trying to work the schedule to see most of our patients one more time to insure adequate refills and time to find a new physician.

Currently, the only MDs doing Primary Care Practice in Newberg are the Providence Primary Care Clinics – Family Medicine and Internal Medicine at 503-537-5900. There are 2 clinics run by Nurse Practitioners, at People's Community Clinic of Newberg at 503-449-8988, and Voda Integrative Medical Clinic at 503-476-1431. In McMinnville, Primary Care clinics are more numerous, but may or may not be open to new patients. These include West Hills Healthcare, Physician's Medical Clinic, McMinnville Primary Care Clinic, and several Nurse Practitioners at Sunrise Family Clinic.

We look forward to seeing most of our patients at least one more time, and stand ready to assist you in finding and coordinating with a new Practitioner that is right for you. This is the official announcement of my retirement. I would greatly appreciate hearing about any other attempts to contact you by others in my name.

Very truly yours,

William M. Bailey, MD, FAAFP