Information about Chehalem Medical Clinic

Q: What types of services are provided?

A: Comprehensive treatment and prevention of disease and injuries from newborns to geriatrics, in a Patient Centered Primary Care Home setting. Care for the whole family, with an eye to the behavioral components that affect medical conditions. We offer services including pediatrics, gynecology, sports and occupational medicine. Sports physicals and certified FAA exams are also offered. We provide selected in-office lab services, minor surgeries and procedures.

Q: What can I expect as a patient?

A: Patients at Chehalem Medical Clinic can expect to be seen by their provider in a timely manner. We understand that many of our patients commute out of town for work and therefore we provide extended hours in order to accommodate their needs. Appointments are scheduled for 15 to 45 minutes depending on need. Our providers and staff, work as a team with our patients to provide the best health care possible for each individual. When a patient becomes part of our clinic, they are treated with a holistic health approach. Our electronic medical records allow us to stay up-to-date with preventive health maintenance examinations. We believe that, along with the Right to Medical Care, each patient has a concurrent Responsibility to take an active part in keeping themselves healthy.

Q: What if I need to have blood work done?

A: Laboratory services can be drawn at the time of appointment. Please notify us if you have a preferred laboratory of use. You can expect to be notified with laboratory results within the next few days, but many lab results are completed within minutes, allowing results to be discussed at that days appointment.

Q: What if I need X-rays or other imaging studies done?

A: Imaging studies are typically scheduled at Providence Newberg Medical Center. Please notify us if you prefer a different location.

Q: What if I need a refill?

A: Remember, in most cases, if you are out of refills then it is time for an appointment. We attempt to schedule rechecks at reasonable intervals, and ask that you be seen prior to refills to maintain your health and prevent wasted prescriptions. If is not time for another appointment, please call your pharmacy to get a refill. They will request a refill. Your understanding of your prescription benefits will assist us in maintaining your costs as low as possible.

Q: What if I need to be seen by a specialist?

A: We are trained and equipped to handle 90% of your medical needs. If our evaluation indicates you require consultation, we refer to the appropriate specialist and assist in scheduling the referral. In some cases, insurance policies have preferred providers. It is helpful if you have your insurance information on hand so that we can assure you are being referred to a designated preferred provider.

Q: Are you accepting new patients?

A: Yes, we are currently accepting new patients and accept most insurance plans, including:

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