We continue to provide care in a Patient Centered Medical Home environment.

Due to cost and administrative burdens, we have allowed our OHA Certification to lapse.

For some, the concept of the Patient Centered Primary Care Home is new, so let us explain. As Family Practice providers, we feel that each and every person should have a “Personal Medical Home,” that serves as the focal point through which they receive acute care (such as for injuries and illnesses,) chronic care (for longer term medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes,) and also preventive medical services to minimize the need for acute and chronic treatment. Your Medical Home should provide you with access to your Physician (via appointment, phone consult, and/or even online,) your medical records, and the medical information you need to make decisions on your health. Through an ongoing relationship with a Family Practice provider in your medical home, you can be assured of care that is accessible, accountable, comprehensive, patient centered, and scientifically valid. Such care is most satisfying to both patients and their providers. So, what do all those terms mean?

We attempt to be accessible, by providing some non-traditional hours for you to be seen in the clinic, by saving some appointments as “urgent,” and by maintaining a 24 hour call system for emergencies outside of office hours. When calling the office outside of office hours, please remember that the doctor on call is trying to spend time with his family. We’re happy to take care of urgent and emergent calls during these times, but appreciate your cooperation in calling during office hours for routine calls. When calling for an appointment for an “Urgent” medical problem, please remember that we care for other patients as well. Seeing you within 24 hours of your call should be possible, if you are flexible, but it may require some shuffling of your schedule, as well as ours.

We are accountable, in that you should leave the office with all of your questions answered, or at least being worked on in a plan that you understand. We try to maintain a competitive fee schedule, and contracts with most of the larger insurance companies, and we try to treat you in the most cost-effective way we are able, to minimize your medical bills AND your medical insurance premiums.

We attempt to make sure that your comprehensive medical needs are met. We attempt to coordinate care with our circle of specialists and hospitals so that you get all the medical care you need without duplicating care, or providing care you don’t need.

YOU are at the center of your care. That means that we make every attempt to keep you apprised of your condition and those things that affect it, and have you involved in the decisions regarding how to proceed.

Medicine, it is said, is part art and part science. We will attempt to take advantage of scientifically valid studies on disease and treatment to keep you healthy, while treating you with compassion, respect and maybe a bit of humor, to maintain the artistic side of medicine.

We hope in this way to keep you and your family satisfied with your health and happiness, and enjoy the honor of serving your medical needs.